Co2-Denmark, is developing, designing and cooperate with one of the largest manufacturers of MOTORBIKE clothes & accesories. We have the mission to bring service, quality and security in product to a new world level. This mindset sets us apart from any other developer and manufacturer. Co2- Denmark is aiming to be the recognized leader in innovative packaging and merchandising in the leather/cordura garment & gloves business. Co2-Denmark had its beginning in 2008 from the island Tåsinge, Denmark.

Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of our business, our products, and our customers’ level of satisfaction.

Quality is not just a's our promise and it's part of our name.

The company takes great care in manufacturing its products under the most rigorous quality Standards with the help of latest equipment.

The company's outstanding performance in customer satisfaction is reflected in its phenomenal growth of 100% over the past years. We believe however that the best is yet to come as we continues to strive for even better quality for its customers worldwide.

Our carefully selected products represent our heritage, allowing us to bring to you some of the finest garments & glove products in the world.

We presently employ over 500 highly skilled workers. We feel a good idea becomes a truly excellent one when you couple it with experienced and talented professionals behind it. Our entire administration staff has been carefully selected from the very best of professionals.

We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and have a firm stand behind everything we sell. We get only the best in order to bring you the best.

Thanks & best regards.